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Look at where the gun is pointed when sitting using that carry location. Lots of important (to most of us anyways) stuff AND the femoral arteries. If I'm going to shoot myself, I'd rather shoot myself in the butt cheek than the ,well you know. A pistol carried behind or on the hipbone is less likely to cause a life threatening unjury in case of an ND.
My Son showed me a set of internet pics of the results of a poor/wornout IWB holster design and a Glock. Fortunately, it was behind the hip and the guy only had some vehicle damage and a scrape on his butt. Had it been in front of the hipbone(appendix carry), it's a good chance the guy would have had serious injuries or worse.
^ this.

And appendix or "Mexican" carry has never been comfortable or ideal to me. It always gets in the way esp when sitting.
First of all, we are talking about appendix carry here. "Mexican" carry is not the same thing. Same location, but "Mexican" carry is done without a holster.

I don't understand why it gets in the way esp when sitting. Unless you are talking about carrying a large pistol, which I agree could get in the way. I only do it with small guns. And as I explained in a previous post, with the package positoned and canted properly it is 100% comfortable when sitting and, oh, so easy to draw.....Oh, I am carrying my J-frame right now at 10:30. I had to push my belly in a bit to see it because I couldn't feel it.

Second, I don't care where you carry your gun, your handling skills should be refined enough that a negligent discharge is not a possibility. We are talking about concealed carry here. Not an old West style shootout where the quickest draw wins. My hands are crippled - paralyzed a substantial amount. So a super quick draw is not even a possibility for me. I use situational awareness to try and give myself enough time to get my gun in action. If someone catches me totally by surprise, I probably wouldn't have had time to draw anyway. See ya on the other side. I put rubber grip surfaces on all of my guns to aid in controlling them. When drawing a gun from any position, I don't try to get a complete firing grip while still drawing the gun and my trigger finger goes nowhere near the trigger. I get the gun drawn and pointed away from me, then I use my weak hand to assist in getting the gun positioned properly in my strong hand. I point at the target and THEN insert my finger in front of the trigger. And I don't try to stage the trigger, either. When reholstering, I do so slowly with my trigger finger gripping the gun below the trigger guard. The only guns I carry AIWB are my J-frame and my Taurus 738 TCP, and both guns have a long double action trigger pull. I don't do "Mexican" carry, I use holsters that keep the trigger covered. So I don't worry about my jewels or my femoral arteries when carrying a gun AIWB.
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