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  • 7-08 R (SA)
  • .284 W (SA/LA)
  • .280 R (LA)
  • .280 AI (LA)
  • 7 RM (LMA)
  • 7 RUM (LMA)

I also wanted a 7mm and I went through the same debate and decided to go with the .280 AI because I'm a reloader, I really dig the .30-06 case, and I wanted a long action. The 7mm RM case (.375 H&H M) has a lot of capacity, IMO too much for a 7mm, I think it's more appropriate for the .300 WM. The 7 RUM is just ridiculous!

The 7-08 is a great hunting round however the .284 will serve you better at long range but if you want to shoot it with long high BC bullets, the .284 needs to be in a long action. If you do not reload, I think the 7 RM is the one to get due to its availability and the fact that stock ammo is not loaded to its full potential.

The 7mm is a magic bullets indeed: High BC, relatively mind recoil, and lots of choices in terms of what brass to use and also what action to get.
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