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In this film you can tell that the director (Bondarchuk) was directing to the tastes of an audience that was different from ours here in the US of A. He may have also been well aware that the film in which the dialogue was delivered in English, would be overdubbed in a foreign (to us) language, and that the timing and sentence structure would have to change and therefore the english mouth movements and facial expressions would need to match the overdubbing to preserve presence.

The dialogue, the facial expressions, even the make-up are at times over done. Even in 1970, we in the US appreciated things that were a little more subtle.

But the uniforms, the units, the weaponry, and the battle scenes (Accept for Ponsonby's Charge when he was obviously filmed riding something other than a horse, like perhaps a 2x10 bolted to the back of a pickup truck) are thrilling to watch.

I have this DVD and in spike of my criticism, I watch it often. It is right up there with The Caine Mutiny, The Open Range, True Grit, and The Thing From Another Planet with Kenneth Toby (Remember him from "Whirlybirds"?) and James Arness.

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