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Rebs- it was a 700 ADL,but it was custom built for the Forces. It is not nor has it ever been the same 700 ADL you go buy in the store. The barrels and the action were beefed up for the sniper version. It was built off the 700 ADL version,but that was where the simularities ended. I belive it replaced the Winchesters they were using. Being the Action and the Barrel are the 2 most important thing in accuracy,to assume that they are the same rifles is crazy.
Im Just saying that the 700 ADL that you buy at Walmart is not the sniper version , never has been. Now if you want to do the mods and all you could make it into a shooter for sure,but if that is the case just buy a better version of the Remmy.
What we are comapring here is the basement model rifles not the cream of the crop. If we wanted to jump to the same price range we could bring in Howa 1500 and Savage Mod 11 Trophy hunter. Heck for 100.00 more you coold get into a Tika. Any one of those would put the Walmart 700 ADL to shame in a heartbeat. Lets keep it to apples for apples here. Pound for pound you will not find a better shooter than a Savage. Looks wise----well any thing will beat them
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