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Situation awareness is so very important. Some adults are in a zone of their own, clueless!

SA is not just in a bad City, walking the street.

For instance, many years ago (1968 visiting England, from Canada) two couples, my brother in law, my sister-in law, and my Wife, went out for supper.

My pushy Sister in law, walked into the the Indian Restaurant, my Wife behind her, my clueless Brother in law bringing up the rear.

I was parking the rental. These three adults missed the danger signs totally!

The end result, me in a one on 4 fist fight (Brother in Law not involved) and due to the fact I am handy in a fight, we walked out in one piece. I sustained cut knuckles on my right hand.

Visuals, no doorman (Bouncer) 4 late teens, early twenty scruffs, sitting in a booth, empty plates in front of them, looking about (run outs in waiting) the leader, easy to spot, making sure I saw him giving our two (very attractive) woman the kind of look that has rape in mind (or insult) helpful in leaving with out paying.

A table near the booth we were showed to, three young people, drunk, loud.

This part of Lancashire, UK, bad news! This was apparent to me in 30 seconds, my clueless companions, clueless!

That's were SA is so important!
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