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There had been a confrontation at a party next door around 1 or 2 am, I had been outside smoking a cigarette when some sort of confrontation happened next door. Saw some people drive off aggressively in a jacked up white F-150.

These guys came back around 5 in the morning, pulled up to our house and kicked their way through our front door. I was still awake in the living room with a friend of mine when this happened.

I did not have a weapon at the time, but i did confront the intruders that broke in yelling things like "what now mother ****ers?". I started yelling back with my own explicatives about how dumb these people are breaking into the wrong house... Guy in the foyer paused for a moment, looked around and started backing out the door.

Police were called, and because these drunken *******s picked the most conspicuous getaway vehicle possible to drive away from a university with 3 roads out of it. The police arrested 3 of them before they had gone a mile.

All in all, no one hurt... It is a good thing that they got out of the door before my room mate woke up from the commotion, opened his door to let out his pit bull and descend the stairs with a shotgun. 2 days later I had a loaded 12 gauge in my room in case any of them ever decided to come back.

This all being said... 5 large guys aggressive enough to kick their way through a front door at 5am.... 8 round will probably be enough to make them get out, but if they were persistent and armed... I would feel pretty safe behind a 12 gauge at the stop of the staircase.

Also this incident happened across the street from a respectable college, in an area with a relatively low level of violent crime. This sort of thing can happen anywhere.

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