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I believe we come from the same school, just maybe different classes. Willingness is a huge part. I do not train to pull my pistol and hold someone at gun point. I am not a LEO, that's not my job. My job if the need arises is to deliver much damage before much damage can be delivered to myself and mine. And so, if my pistol leaves its holster it means that I have exhausted all other options. It will not return to its holster unfired.
Situational awareness is also a huge part of the game. If you have 5 goons walking up on you then you had better be halfway thru your gameplan before the first words are spoken.
And you missed one other time when fewer is better and that's when someone uses a high cap mag to justify lack of training and skill. I don't know how many times I've heard someone say they've heard from ABC gun mag that only 1 in 5 shots fired in self defense hits the target so they're going to send all 18 rounds out so they hit at least 3 times. My only thought is, I hope to god my 6 year old isn't downrange.
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