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Some people saw gloom and doom. Others saw opportunity.

My father was sitting on a small collection of Colt ARs when the ban went into effect. Where he had started seeing them as just something expensive to feed, before the ban; he saw them as nothing more than dollar signs, during the ban. Their value had more than quadrupled within 6 months.
His "stupid old beater" SP1, for example, he couldn't even get $500 out of, before the ban. But, during the ban, he turned down an offer of $1,800 by a friend, because it was well below market value. And, it was the same story with some Colt H-Bar Match Targets that he had. He had multiple $3,500+ offers, and turned them down for being too low.
(Local market value, anyway. Remember, we were mostly "pre-internet". So, the national used market and market-balancing we see today didn't really exist.)

It was the same story with his Glock 20. He wasn't shooting it very much, and suddenly realized that his 15-round magazines were a gold mine. Where he had considered a $50-apiece price tag to be insane when he bought them, he was able to sell the 8 "spare" magazines he had for $110 each. The store he sold them to turned right around and priced them at nearly $200 each. And, he was able to move the pistol and 3 more magazines for $400 more than he paid for them (new).

And, on it went...
Hi-Power magazines, 1911 magazines, anything that was worth selling...

The only real affect the AWB had on me, is that I have a few pistols that either came with only 10-round magazines (thanks Bill ), or were designed around a 10-round capacity. But, I've picked up "post-ban" 15-rounders for those that are capable.
"Such is the strange way that man works -- first he virtually destroys a species and then does everything in his power to restore it."
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