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using your CCW to save a life besides in self-defense such as 2yr old mauled by dogs

the above article is regarding the expert confirming the boy died from the zoo, African dogs and not the fall...please see original story and comments in below article if you choose:;_ylv=3

First of all, I would like to give my sincerest condolences to those involved. Amongst my children, I have a two year old daughter. Just reading this article(s) is heartbreaking, and it can surface other emotions as well. If this thread is not appropriate I apologize in advance to the mods and respect their judgement. The secretary at the mechanic who fixes our vehicles likes our daughter and vice-versa. She doesn't have children. I literally 'jumped' one day when she was making copies and decided it was ok to put our daughter on the counter 5 feet up above a hard floor sitting on the edge with her back turned. I didn't say anything to her, but she seemed to think it wasn't a bigdeal. Being she is friendly to our family and we respect the mechanic, I let it go but stayed right next to my daughter "coincidently" for the minute or two this was going on. I'm still teaching my daughter about traffic; she is too young at two years to fend for herself. That is My Job and My Responsibility. This is why many of us carry too: We Believe it Our Responsibility to Protect Our Families. I also believe innocent citizens and persons deserve to be protected from wrongful harm also...

I read this article when it first aired...I have to admit that my first thoughts were how it would've been possibly been avoided if someone had been carrying. You know it is always possible someone was?? That is all speculation: felon or someone with warrants who couldn't risk being noticed, a man who just doesn't think quick enough plus freezes...again Purely speculation. But it begs the question, if you had your CCW would you have done something? I honestly believe I would have, but 20/20 hindsight is easy. The other factor is: it has to be "that quick". No hesitation in a life or death situation is warranted. You literally have to draw, fire a shot to the butt of one of the dogs(opting first shot not to be near fatal for boy yet still hitting a 'target'). There are other possibilities of how to handle it if you decide to act as well...some more daring than others, but let's face it: one must risk oneself to save others usually. Literally, you must be willing to match a seconds situation with seconds reaction too. In this situation, waiting even a few seconds makes doing anything a moot point. Is there anyone here that can add some two-cents to this thread about the CCW in this situation or a similar situation and/or your feelings on the matter(s)? I'm taking this story with a grain of salt because it is upsetting, but could a CCW law-abiding citizen have made this tragic encounter end differently?

As Always Thanks Fellow TFLers,

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