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No deer was found, but on the way back, sure enough, a pheasant flushed. I had a round chambered, shouldered the gun, punched off the safety, and ...nothing. Punched off the safety again, and nothing. A third try as the bird sailed out of sight, still nothing.

I had decades of hunting with my Winchester Model 12. If I had that gun in my hands, I would have had that pheasant. But the Browning has its safety at the back of the triggerguard, while the Model 12 is at the FRONT. I instinctively did everything exactly right for my gun, but wrong for his.

LESSON: IF you aren't, or can't take the time to think about what you need to do, you MUST have the gun you don't need to think about in your hands. Nothing else will do!

And, if you or someone else's life could be on the line, it is even MORE important!
Exactly what I was talking about, My shotguns are Stevens, Mossberg, Winchester, H&R, Victor and a couple of side by sides that are not going to be shot due to age of the Damascus barrels. I shoot one of the Mossbergs and one of the Winchesters the most but all of them get their turn on a fairly regular basis so it doesn't matter which one I grab, It's already familiar to me. I'm not a decent wingshot but I can pop a rabbit on the ground pretty quick or take a deer out to 100 yards with slugs from most of my guns, (exception is my .410). Shotgun, rifle or handguns you need to stay familiar with all of them because if you have to change from your primary gun someday you are way behind the 8 ball. Sometimes being a jack of all trades instead of a specialist is a good thing.
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