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I've been reworking some loads and doing more comparisons and came up with a couple of favorite loads so far.

.223 Rem, FN 20" 1/7 A4 rifle
65 gr SGK SP, Varget 24.6 gr, COL=2.240"
60 gr HP, Varget 24.6 gr, COL=2.240"
60 gr Nosler BT, Varget 24.6 gr, COL=2.240"
I find that Varget is very consistent over a range of powder weights. I can sometimes get better accuracy with H335 but it a specific weight and other weights open up the groups. Also, this 24.6 gr load seems one of the most accurate (of BLC2, H335 and H4895) for just about any bullet in the 60-65 gr range.

65 gr SGK SP, H335 23.8 gr, COL=2.240"
Just as accurate, maybe slightly more so, than Varget but groups open up on either side of this weight for me. While Varget is my go-to powder for 60+ gr bullets, H335 is proving there is always one or two powder loads that are just as accurate as Varget.

75 gr BTHP, Varget 23.0 gr, COL=2.250"
Very accurate for me considering the non-match grade rifle and shooting is done fairly informally to sort of represent field or fun match conditions.
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