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Originally Posted by 8mm Mauser
I've had some frustrating experiences on public land here in Michigan... And being 25 myself i always get rolling eyes and condescending looks at the local clubs from the old hats...So I hear you brother.
I know the feeling. I like to shoot at my WMA where Pops took me shooting "big bores" for the first time, and I now go by myself when hom on vacation.

I regret it to this day, but the day after my 17th birthday when I enlisted, I slapped a "U.S. Army" patch on my range bag and that has lead to no end of generally negative interactions at said WMA.

"Did you shoot any terrorists?'[Really dude? Just pushes some RC cans around here]
"The M-4 sucks...blah...blah....plastic sissy gun." [I do not own any sort of AR-]
"You may be in th Army but my groups is tighter." [Really genius? You're shooting a Marlin .22 and I'm patterning my turkey gun]

The fact that I'm 24 and look about 20 doesn't help, nor does the fact that I generally look for like a frat boy than a soldier.
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