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Here is an auction for a pre WWII springfield barrel that has been stripped and blued, if you can get it cheap enough then it may be worth buying and having reparkerized to match military finish.

here is an auction for a scant style stock that would have been used as an arsenal replacement had the original stock been damaged in combat.

here is the proper stock style but does not have a matching handguard so you will have to shop around for one like this and hope that they are matching hues once you get them oiled up.

that is all that I see on ebay right now but it changes from time to time so it's always good to check back.

places like numrich gun parts gets in lots of USGI parts from time to time but it's mums the condition or proofs when you purchase so it's a roll of the dice, I've gotten rusty sling swivel screws and I've gotten parts still packed in cosmoline and look brand new.
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