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The first suggestion is to make sure all the primers in the strips are flush with the strip edge. They should be flush with the upper edge. Correct?
It's the sharp edge on the anvil side sticking up that can catch and jam (yes upper if the strip is inserted). So getting that edge flush or below flush makes APS pretty much flawless.

On the APS mods:
Just one thought, can the same thing be accomplished by removing the primer pin assembly?
Yes and no.
First the no. Mod one stops the advance of the strips...that means you can take off from where you are on the strip, later when you need to continue from some kind of temporary stoppage. You can also pull the strip out....that's what most users do, but then you've got to find your place on the strip or refill it....and I use to do that...a part-filled strip is a slowdown. You CAN stick a carved popsicle stick into the APS hole and do the same thing as mod 1....but that's not so elegant, as handy, or as ready.

Yes, Mod 2 could be done by unscrewing the primer cup. But again not as handy, ready, or nearly as fast. Mod 2 stops movement of the press handle from going into the primer rise, mechanically. That keeps primers from rising just like removing the primer rod.....but that'll never be necessary if mod 2 is just a hand twist away. BTW RCBS's answer if you ask is..."remove the primer strip" and that works's just that getting a half used strip back in the same spot, though doable, is one of the few weaknesses of the system. Mod 2 makes that totally unnecessary.

BUT it would help if the instructions had a troubleshooting section. For that matter, the instructions appear to be the weakest part of the whole product.
I won't argue that point. RCBS does two things less than documentation. That's why, for the last four years I've said that this press is a best kept secret especially for those who want to load more than 1 caliber a night...then there's the documentation. That seems to be industry wide, like computer software documentation isn't done well by programmers, reloading documentation isn't done well by manufacturers. Reloading manufacturers, in general, don't realize that super documentation available to everyone on Google, can go a long way to sell their products to researching buyers. Researching buyers are smart buyers.

I'm pleased that you found your way past the APS problem so easily. Happy loading!!

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