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Lack of quality, reliable self defense ammunition is a big negative.
Supposedly, the Wolf hollowpoints are pretty good. I can't speak to the powder in said rounds from a defense perspective (they probably still flash a lot), but if you want an expanding round, I think you couldn't do much better than a 7.62x25 loading. I agree the lack of suitable pistols (with functioning decockers and safeties, for instance) is what is dooming this round's potential. It's basically a .30 Magnum (behaves and works just like other magnum loadings), in the neighborhood of the 327mag (which is widely acknowledged to be a very effective defense round).

If a CCW came up chambered for it (I'm looking at you, CZ, or Glock conversion companies), the bullet offerings would undoubtedly improve, and defense legitimacy would finally be bestowed. But there's a lot of steps and moving parts before that ever comes to pass...

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