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I just tried it and the pencil only moved about two or three inches... Then just to make sure I put a mag in... triple checking the chamber to make sure it wasn't loaded and tested it. The pencil moved the same distance
Don't sweat it. Many newer guns incorporate a mechanism that limits the firing pin's forward travel, preventing it from throwing pencils quite so far. FWIW my S&W M3904 will throw pencils across the room, but my M&P will only move them 2-3 inches, just like your SP2022, but the M&P has absolutely no problem igniting live ammo.
Since it behaves the same way with or without a mag, I'm guessing it does not have a mag disconnect installed.
+1. Although I can't say that they don't exist, I've never had experience with a mag disconnect that allowed the hammer to drop normally when the trigger was pulled with the mag out. All of them either caused the trigger to flop around uselessly (e.g. my S&W M3904), or caused it to lock up solid (e.g. FN Browning 1910).
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