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300 ?

I had a 300 win mag for a few years ended up selling it and getting a 300wsm. the big 300 was heavy, and hunting you carry them waaaay more than you shoot them. the ammo is expensive unless you reload, and unless your not recoil sensitive it will wallop you pretty good! It is a good long range elk gun but honestly I've taken more elk and deer with my 308 than all my other rifles combined. I've never taken anything beyond 400 yds. but unless you practice a lot you shouldn't be shooting at those ranges. at more modest ranges the wsm has less recoil, higher velocity and energy with better trajectory it is a short action which is lighter and shorter ( easier to move with in the brush) and the ammo prices are a little better. the 308 will however take care of everything in the lower 48 except Griz if you put the bullet where it's supposed to go and it is one of the most inherently accurate cartridges there is! I'm sure I've swatted the proverbial hornets nest with my 2 cents worth so i'll sign off for now
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