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I have 2 Convertible Single Six revolvers, an I exclusively shoot 22 wmr out of them. The extra bang with 22 wmr is just a hoot!

The Single Ten is an optimized 22 lr single action revolver.

The Single Nine is an optimized 22 wmr single action revolver.

Since I prefer 22 wmr in this platform, I bought a Single Nine as my plinker. My 2 Convertibles are really for my show rig.

To be honest, I hate Fire Sights, and will be replacing them soon.

As to a six shooter should have six shots? I agree. However, the Single Nine is a nine shooter. If 19th century frontiersmen were offered a choice between a Colt SAA that held 6 shots, and one that held 9 in the same caliber, which one do you think they would choose?
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