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I don't see how you can separate the caliber from the "platform". For some things, size DOES matter, and its more than just the bore size...

For everyday carry, and all concievable uses, I'd love to have a .44 Magnum auto the size of a Baby Browning, and holding 125 rnds, but until I can get that pesky alternate dimension ammo supply thing worked out, it ain't happening.

To make things fair, and just ONLY on the caliber, all calibers would have to be available in the same gun. Which means something like a T/C Contender...

and since even with a short (6") barrel, the Contender is a lot to try and conceal, and only one shot, its far from the common choice for any defensive purpose.

Auto intended for defensive use aren't optimal for big game hunting. Revolvers for hunting aren't optimal for CCW. Nor are autos for hunting, either. Rather less so than revolvers, generally. There is no one tool that is the best for everything, sad to say.

For concealed carry, I use a Colt Agent .38Spl more than anything else I have, these days. Sometimes, its a Mauser HSc in .32ACP, just because I have it. For many years I carried a Browning BDA .45ACP. And I still do, when the slightly larger size doesn't matter.

Overall, though, for the biggest bang in the smallest package (meaning versatility AND effectiveness), its tough to find a better round than the .357 Mag....
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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