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I did not say budget was the sole determining factor I said it had to meet the specifications that were set out also...
OK, then we agree. Good. Agencies don't buy just on costs.

Weight and Energy along with the expansion or non expansion of the round will matter. Physics matter along with accuracy.
The energy of a handgun round does not determine it's terminal performance. There are 9mm and .38 Special rounds with higher energies than most .45 ACP rounds.

Lastly not everyone is incapable of handling a 45 with the same relative ease as a 9mm. I am a physically large guy and I find 9mm,40,45 are all relatively a non challenge in handling recoil. Some people have different strenght and different builds of course. .
You were arguing about Newton's 3rd law earlier. It applies here. A 9mm will recoil less than a .40 or .45 in a similar weight gun.

I've been shooting .45's since the early 70's, competitively for a number of those years. I would not argue a 9mm isn't easier to shoot. Just as a 9mm is easier to shoot than a .40. Given .40 and 9mm's similar performance levels, I'd carry a 9. It has nothing to do with being unable to handle a .40.
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