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Recoil Lug Bedding Tips

After alot of research in the forum, i am planning on bedding the lug in my rifle. While i do not have any experience bedding a stock, i am reasonably capable of a fair ammount of diy type projects.

My gun is a Rem. SPS varmint chambered in 22-250 Rem that i recently dropped in a H-S Precision police/LE stock. I have ordered a timney 510 trigger and the bottom metal that H-S makes specifically for their stock but have not installed them yet. While i have the action out, i want to go ahead with bedding the lug with Devcon 10110 plastic steel.

With the aluminum bedding block in the H-S stock, is it necessary to carve out some extra material from the aluminum block behind the recoil lug, or will the Devcon work fine without any extra space added between the lug and bedding block? If there are other tips to making this project sucessful, i would appreciate that as well.

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