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I guess I'd like to keep the price to $200 for the set, but I am not opposed to spending more if the utility warrants the price.
Then you're good to go. The Troys that Fishbed suggested are right in the $200'ish range, and Troy makes quite a selection, mostly up and a little down, from that price point. My old worn out eyeballs seem to prefer the Troy DOA variation... but others hate them, so don't go by me.

My opinion on the Diamondhead "diamond" sights... (and this is an opinion because I've only taken a few shots with them on someone else's gun) is that they are slightly different in sight picture and the equal of Troys for quality.

There's a story going around that Diamondhead designed the "diamond" sights, asked Troy to make them, Troy didn't (for reasons unknown) and Diamondhead went with another manufacturer... then Troy came out with their DOA sight shortly after. Take it for what it is... internet intrigue.

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