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Taylorce1- A remington 700 ADL is by far no step up from a Axis to say the least. What you are comparing here is Savages cheapest rifle compared to Remingtons cheapest rifle. Which in any case the Savage is a far cry better all around. Both are cheap and all that is left is accuracy. Hands down Savage in that dept. And it's Cheaper than the remmy too. Someome else posted that up grades are not possable on the Axis. True for sure,but i ask,,What up grade do you want?. If you want a better stock a better action ect ect. Maybe you should not have got the Axis in the first place. I have had 2 Axis now,still have one in a 243. It shoots un real groups at 300 yards,Why would i mess with that or try up grade it?. If you are going to be happy with what you buy, You will be much much more happy with the Savage over the Remington
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