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Originally Posted by jmr40
A 7.5 lb 338 isn't a realistic weight, nor is a 300 win mag
Not in the .338 Lapua it isn't, but you can get both a .300 and .338 Win Mag in a 6lb 13oz Kimber Montana. Add a set of aluminum Talley LW mounts and a Leupold UL 3-9X33 and your only an ounce or two over 7.5 lbs and right at 8 lbs loaded with a sling. If you go with a custom rifle by NULA your looking at a bare bones rifle right at 5.75 lbs magnum rifle in the standard length magnums and a 7.5 lbs up to .416 Rigby sized cartridges. All I can say is OUCH!

Hell they don't sound too pleasant to shoot in a .308 at those weights.
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