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Anyone have any experience with

Back in January when I got my first pistol I was looking at holsters online and found a couple that I liked at Now I've got 2 pistols and I have a cheap IWB holster for each one that I picked up at a local gun store. They're not made specifically for my guns or anything, I basically just took some out of the package and found what fit best. I have a S&W Bodyguard 380 and a Ruger SR9C. My Bodyguard is what I carry everyday and I would like to get a nice holster for it that is actually made specifically for it. I wouldn't mind eventually getting a nice one for my Ruger too. If I had one I would be more likely to carry that gun I think.

This is the one I was considering for the Bodyguard with a 15 degree forward cant. Let me know what you think. I can't really afford to spend a lot of money on a holster at the moment, but would like something better than what I've got. Thanks for your time!

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