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SP101 Trigger Springs?

I just purchased a new SP101 357mag 2 1/4"bbl. with a hammer.
I just ordered a Wolff Shooters PAC, it comes with a 9, 10, & 12 lb. reduced hammer springs. And an 8 lb. Trigger return spring. I all so ordered the 11 lb. Reduced hammer spring.
My question is which reduced hammer spring should I start with?
I want a reliable gun with a lighter double & single action trigger pull.
Why'll I have the gun apart I plan on polishing the ruff edges all so.
I've watched the videos on YouTube & read a couple articles on how to do it.
I want it to go bang everytime I pull the trigger fast or slow.
I've seen were some people have used the 10 lb. spring & had problems, that's why I ordered the separate 11 lb. spring.
Don't know why it didnt come in the shooters pac but for an extra $4 I figured I'd just get it.
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