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Can the Ruger LC9 safety lock self-engage?

Sent my wife and older son the the indoor range so they could both get some trigger time (unfortunately, I had the "work" thing...)

I got a call shortly after that my wife's LC0-which is her EDC- had malfunctioned and the trigger would not operate the hammer. Apparently, one of the range employees looked it over, and said we were going to have to send it back to Ruger.

I broke it down when I got home, couldn't figure it out until I read in the manual that the safety lock disengages the trigger...

Now, we had never used the trigger lock- to my knowledge, anyway...

A quick 1/4 turn with the key, and voila- problem solved...

So, either one of us has amnesia and used the key to engage the trigger disconnect- or, it self-engaged, somehow...which would not be a good thing on a self-defense weapon.

Studying the schematic and operation of this is above my pay grade- so can someone assure me that it would be impossible for this mechanism to become active, disengaging the trigger, unless intentionally done with the key?

I'd much rather know that I somehow did something stupid, rather than realize there is a possibility the weapon might not go "bang"...
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