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Wow, this is the best diy write up i have ever came across for bedding a gun. I will definately keep this thread handy for myself as well as giving to others when questions arise. Thanks.

Btw, i just restocked my Rem. SPS 22-250 with a H-S stock and want to bed the recoil lug area. The stock has a full length aluminum bedding block so i have decided to not do the whole action. I dont think there is much else to say about the lug section because you covered it pretty well but do you have any additional tips about bedding that part of the gun?

I also have not decided on which bedding product to use but at Midway, i see Devcon 10210 "plastic steel" - is this the same that you used? I heard the "steel" products are a little more durable than the glass bedding even though glass bedding seems to be more popular.
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