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Winchester 9422

I'm having feeding issues with this lever action 22. When you work the action back the cartridge cut off releases the next shell fine but it isn't carried up high enough by the carrier. What causes this problem and how do I fix it? I also have to change the carrier pawl because it's causing the gun to jam.

I thought that it was the carrier pawl's job to force the carrier up after the shell was released onto the carrier. And the bad carrier pawl was the cause of the whole problem but a gunsmith with far more experience than me told me I was "Dead wrong" so I thought that I would get your opinions on the matter while I wait for the carrier pawl to come in.

Also what makes the carrier pawl go bad in the first place? This makes the fourth one put in this gun (not by me but the owner claims it has had three put in it over the years).

Thanks guys
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