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Hi Guys,,,

My .22 rifles are about all I shoot in long guns,,,
I do have an H&R in .357 but I only use it on armadillos,,,
That rifle is scoped and I can pop the rascals out to 100 yards.

I have the Henry Acu-Bolt but am giving that to my young nephew this Christmas,,,
The rifle that I really love shooting is my new CZ 452 Military Trainer,,,
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it will shoot tight groups,,,
I just need to get my 61 year old body and eyes trained.

Rimfire silhouette is the discipline I want to explore and play with,,,
I purchased a set of spinner targets to practice with,,,
I just wish I knew the rifle was dead on.

I haven't invested in any type of heavy shooting sled,,,
What I have is one of those MTI front rests,,,
It's made of plastic and is light in weight,,,
I could probably build one from wood.

I know at my age I'll never be an Annie Oakley,,,
It would give me more confidence though,,,
To know my rifle was zeroed perfectly.

No more whining,,,
I'll just practice more.


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