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Ever Have a Gun That Froze Your Carry Rotation?

My J-frame, a S&W 638 Airweight with 1 7/8" barrel. It is customized to suit me: Gloss Black Duracoat, ported, back of frame lowered a bit to provide better access to the hammer, trigger job that reduced the DA pull to 4.25 lb with real strong hammer strikes, and a Hogue Bantam one piece rubber grip that provides very sure handling and does not interfere with speed loaders like the original Uncle Mike's boot grip did (why in all these years haven't S&W and Uncle Mike's solved this problem?). The gun rides in my front pocket comfortably and draws easier from there than about any other gun. But I usually carry it AIWB in a Stays-Put Ultra pocket holster that stays put there all day long and so comfortably that I forget it is there. And I can draw the gun just as well seated or standing.

Suggested title: "Anybody Ever Have a Gun That Grew on You So Much It Froze Your Carry Rotation?" LOL!

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