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We still have an AWB in CA, and various legislators, the governor and AG Kamala Harris are stunned that people continue to buy firearms and adamant they not have access to "assault weapons", magazines holding more than 10 rounds, blah, blah.

On the other hand, 5 counties now accept "personal protection" as good cause to issue carry permits, and other counties, save the bastions of liberalism and open-mindedness such as Los Angeles, are being helpful as they can be in seeing applicants get permits. I don't see CA moving back from where it is in any hurry, but it is possible the tide has hit its peak.

If there is some major disaster or upheaval, I expect liberal local or state authorities could try to disarm citizens as Ray Nagin did in New Orleans. I don't worry much about it.

If NYC is any indication, when government focuses on whether you can have plastic bags or foie gras or need a bullet train, it loses the capability to act in other areas. The ability of the state to muster an effective seizure campaign is questionable. Let's hope so, anyway.
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