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Aarond -

I believe there's an issue with your request in that one person's zero is not another's zero, it somewhat depends on where you feel comfortable and how your head fits/eyes line up behind the sights/scope. That obviously differs from person to person.

I started off like you, but I do much better than I used to with practice. Once those groups tighten a little you'll be able to get a good zero. Try to be very consistent with where/how you place your cheek on the rifle. One adjustment I made that helped is to lower my seat about 3 inches at the range. I am long-bodied (short-legged) for my height and I tend to hunch if I sit at the same level with respect to the bench as everyone else. Discomfort in the form on hunching is not consistent with getting a good, consistent cheek weld. Sitting up straight helps your breathing too.
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