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I would pay someone to sight in my rifles,,,

I would pay someone to sight in my rifles,,,
But they would have to prove themselves with a series of tight groups.

So here's the story,,,
I'm a mediocre rifle shot at best,,,
I believe all of my rifles can shoot a smaller group,,,
But I have no faith that I can adjust the sights to dead on the bulls eye.

A few years ago I was plinking away with a Henry Acu-Bolt,,,
At fifty yards off of a bench rest the best group I could do was about 3-4 inches.

So up comes this lady I know who is a much better shot than most people I know,,,
She throws five shots downrange that I could cover with a quarter,,,
They were a bit left of center so I adjusted the scope,,,
My resulting group wasn't tighter than before,,,
But it "clouded" more over the bulls eye.

I asked her about sighting in all of my rifles for me,,,
She chuckled and said she didn't have time,,,
I even offered to pay her for the service,,,
But she just wasn't interested.

I would gladly pay for the service,,,
But I've never seen or heard it being advertised.


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