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Looking at Hornady 308 Win Superformance GMX, we see 2940 fps. 24 inch barrel.

Looking at Alliant's data, we see AR-Comp max charge 2929 fps, 24 inch barrel. 11fps difference is close enough for "duplication" to me. Hogdon lists CFE 223 and a 150gr Nosler to 2974, which isn't the same bullet, but sure as heck is a higher velocity.

Moving up to the 165 GMX, Hornady Superformance lists velocity as 2750. Alliant lists both AR Comp and 2000-MR in excess of 2,800 with a 165gr Speer BTSP, not the same bullet unfortunately. Hogdon lists CFE and a 165gr Hornady BTSP to over 2,800 fps as well.

I really don't think that Hornady's Superformance line is really all that special. Pawpaw took apart some Superormance ammo a while back and commented that it sure looked like 2000-MR but with some weird green grains mixed in.

I dissassembled some of my 75gr BTHP 223 loads that I loaded this spring with 2000-MR, and guess what I found, some weird green grains that weren't there when I loaded the ammo. I don't know what that means for powder longevity, but it seems to me that handloaders can easily reproduce Superformance performance by picking appropriate powders.

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