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First of all the .357 is a Ruger SP101 3" and the 10mm is not a glock it's a Tanfoglio Witness. I already own both guns and have shot both rounds from them and personally I feel like I can do faster followups from the 10mm. As stated earlier, I live in Black Bear country. A .44 would be absolutely unnecessary and over kill especially for everyday carry. Why do I need to absolutely obliterate the bear with a .44 or larger cartridge when a .357 or 10mm would work just fine. And I bet a well placed shot from a heavy loaded .357 or 10mm would drop a grizz. Keep in mind I said well placed shot and which one of us would have the nerve to stand their ground and make a well placed shot in a full on charge. But If I was out walking in brownie country I would take no less than my 870 loaded with black magic slugs or a lever action 45-70 or I suppose i'd consider a .458 socom conversion for my AR
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