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Great thread, and a topic that I considered many times in the recent months.

My initial thoughts months/years back were to get swept up in the SHTF mentality....where at any given time our gov could break down and lead to mass riots, looting, etc. That prompted me to jump from about 300 rounds on hand to 1200-1400 rounds of mainly 9mm, .223 and .45. Im an idiot for subscribing to that sort of low-brow thought process and wont do it again.

Fast forward to now....I learned that a situation like that is EXTREMELY unlikely and continuing at that rate will end up putting me in the poor house quick!

Now, I just buy in bulk because its cheaper...and store around 800 rounds of mixed ammo in my home safe. When it gets down around the 200 round mark I replenish. Takes me roughly 2-3 months to burn through 600 rounds so for me its a perfect system.

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