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That's what I'm thinking Jim, in light of recent statistical evidence and a public that appears to be a bit better informed on the matter of firearms. The fact that the sport has been growing despite the regulations that have waxed and waned within the past decade or two speaks volumes in of it self I think in terms of what point of view the general public now has on the topic concering regulations on firearms.

The way I see it is that though we may not have to worry about another AWB, we will need to remain vigilant against back door politics attempting to impart regulations of some sort on ammunition and magazines. This of course is for another topic/thred.

I can't draw a compairison to when the Clinton AWB was passed nor can I really relate to the 2008 explosion in prices since I wasn't as heavily into the sport as I am now.

Hopefully after the elections, and whomever is elected to be our next president, for better or worse, prices will stablize ones again and we can all get back to doing what we love doing.

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