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Using my thumb and forefinger, I retract the slide... It's just that in an emergency, I don't want the slide to be an issue.
If you're concerned about clearing a dud round, I understand your concern, but the best solution is probably to change your technique rather than modifying the gun. I suggest firmly pressing the top of the slide and the rear sight into the palm of your support hand rather than trying to use your thumb and forefinger. It may not be comfortable, but then, emergencies that require a drawn gun generally aren't going to be comfortable! You may want to wear a leather glove on your support hand during practice.

OTOH if you "Israeli carry" with the chamber empty and plan to rack the slide before firing, my sincere and well-intentioned advice is STOP! IMHO this method of carry is a tactical disaster waiting to happen. I don't want to discuss this topic further in this thread because it's been beaten to death in prior threads elsewhere on this forum, but I'll make two quick comments: (a) almost all modern autoloaders are totally drop-safe with a round chambered- and I strongly suspect this includes your TCP- and (b) if you're concerned about unauthorized access to your firearm, a pistol with a thumb safety and/or a mag disconnect may be a better choice.
By the way, my 9mm Walther PPS slide seems easier to retract than the TCP.
This is to be expected. A slide with greater mass allows a softer recoil spring because the slide has more momentum that must be overcome before the breech will open. Furthermore, a physically larger slide is generally easier to grasp, so it may seem to require less effort even if the spring pressure is actually equal.

Another factor is that, all else being equal, a pistol that uses blowback operation (barrel doesn't move) requires a stronger recoil spring than a pistol that uses locked-breech short-recoil operation (the barrel and slide move together for a short distance before the barrel disengages). However, I'm virtually certain that the TCP uses locked-breech operation.
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