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It is good those loads work well in YOUR guns. There's no guarantee they would work in my guns. Or anyone elses for that matter.
While this is solid advice and well stated, it doesn't ruin the spirit of the thread no matter how grumpy and curmudgeonly it's offered.

I've had great luck with a 9mm load sending a 125gr Dardas cast lead round nose bullet loaded to 1.140" COAL with 4.5 grains of Hodgdon Universal. It's one of few loads that I simply don't mess around with -- when I make this ammo, I make 500-800 of them and stockpile. I use it to mow down steel plates from assorted handguns, but mostly from my Witness Elite Match.

I'll include another load because it's not a popular one-- my typical .30 Carbine load is the Berry's 110 grain plated round nose slug over 12.5 grains of Alliant 2400, loaded to 1.65" COAL with non-mag small rifle primers, typically CCI.

This is not a barnburning load, but I only shoot them from a Ruger Blackhawk and though the handgun is overbuilt for the task, the tapered and rimless .30 Carb case becomes a real nightmare to poke out of the chambers when you attempt to hotrod the ammo. The Berry's bullets are thick plated and speed rated to 1,900 FPS, and I'm not even approaching that velocity from my 7.5" barrel. This load offers a large muzzle blast, a ridiculously loud report and very little felt recoil from a 44 ounce revolver. It's beautifully accurate and is capable of 100 yard groups if I'm having a really good day and my target is big enough for me to focus on. At shorter distances, it's one of the most accurate center fire handguns that I own.
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