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Thanks Nanuk. I enjoyed applying my engineering and design talent to that holster design. I think James could sell a s**t load of them on the S&W, Taurus and other revolver forums. After all, how many J-frame owners with middle-aged spreads are there in America? LOL!

That said, I find that the J-frame works better than even tiny semi-autos in the front pocket. It is because of the shape of the gun and the grip. It rides comfortably in a proper pocket holster and is much easier to draw. And the J-frame works really great in the AIWB position for some of the same reasons. The frame is just 1/2" wide and the barrel is a little thinner than that. In contrast, all semi-autos have a slide that is 3/4" wide on tiny 380s and almost 1" wide on pocket 9s. That width stays the same from the muzzle all the way to the very back of the gun, and the frame is at least as wide. On a revolver, the back of the frame angles down toward the grip, whereas on a semi-autos the back of the slide extends strait back much further. So, the semi-auto is actually a much bulkier gun both below and above the waistline. Look at this comparison...

And, LOL, check this out. I bought a very inexpensive pocket holster for my J-frame: the Stays-Put Ultra. Just $14.95 shipped. And as the name implies, it stays put in my pocket when I draw the gun better than any pocket holster I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot). But... it also works outstandingly in the AIWB position and stays put there all day long. More comfortable than the leather holster. So comfortable that I forget the gun is there. Effortless to insert or remove. Effortless to draw because the inside of the holster is smooth nylon, yet the gun stays in the holster because my belly expanding above it keeps it in there. It is even effortless to reholster the gun because there is a tiny little strip of flexible plastic that keeps the holster open just enough to insert that small diameter barrel. This has become my favorite carry package!
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