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Simplify, simplify, simplify

Henry David Thoreau wrote that many moons ago and I have been trying to apply that to my life where I can.

I have applied that to my gun "collection" previously, but now I am thinking about throwing another iteration at it.

My 1st iteration was reducing from quite a few different action types/calibers to just AR-15 type rifles, Glock handguns, and Benelli shotguns. This has worked out well, particularly in the $ department both from money I got from selling them and the reduction in insurance/ammo stocking costs. But now it has gotten me to thinking about taking it further.

There are several guns in my collection that belonged to my late father that were passed down to me or that were given to me by him that I will never get rid of, but they don't follow the action types listed above.

They pretty much break down into Remington 700, S&W Revolver, and Browning BPS actions.

I could sell off my ARs, Glocks and Benellis and purchase a couple of Remington 700 rifles in .308 (or 7mm08) and .223 along with S&W 642/442 revolvers and a Browning BPS HD and maybe another BPS in 12 ga or 20 ga.

This would replace the capabilities of the other guns in my current set and cover my rifle shooting, CCW, hunting and HD guns while keeping the same actions types as my legacy guns.

Honestly, I really don't "need" an AR or a Glock or even a Benelli in my day to day life. They are certainly fun to have and I shoot them well, but I felt much better after my last round of simplification which took me from a "collector" to a user and greatly increased my "unconcious competence" and familiarity with those weapon types to the point that I fumble now with my "legacy" weapons.

The only catch to that is that I went shooting this past weekend with my brother and I did a direct comparison of my standard CCW G19 and a S&W 686 6.5" Powerport for both accuracy and speed shooting.

My performance with the G19 was lightyears ahead of the S&W to the point that I actually caused my brother's eyebrows to raise, which is a feat if you know brotherly competition. Granted, I have more rounds through a Glock than I do a revolver, although I have been shooting revolvers much longer and that is what I learned to shoot handguns on.

Anyone else gone through a similar thing and if so, what did you do?

Anyone think I am crazy?
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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