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.300 Win Mag question

For the longest time I've been interested in the .300 winchester magnum cartridge, probably mostly because I'm pretty young and have the idea that the bigger the cartridge the more fun and interesting it is. Of course I love my .22 rifle, but there's just something I like about the bigger cartridges. Ive also recently been thinking about hunting, and I'm sure the .300 is more than capable of anything in north america. So here is my question, would it be worth it to buy a .300 win mag rifle to use for well... pretty much everything as a "do-it-all" cartridge? I'd be using whatever rifle in .300 win I get, to use for possibly long range target shooting, hunting of deer size or bigger animals, occasional plinking around, and to satisfy my needs for a ridiculously big magnum rifle lol. I would consider maybe a .308 or 30-06, but theres just not the same wow factor in those calibers. Im young and still learning about firearms, so im not sure if it's worth it to buy a big rifle for the reason I want one...
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