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Well, I can move around and keep warm hunting. And, the horse will help keep you warm riding in. The tents have a little wood stove, but they don't have any good wood. Dead pine that lasts maybe an hour. You have to keep your water bottle in the bag with you to keep it from freezing in the night. At my age I have to get up and take a whiz a couple of times. Plus they duct tape a commode seat to a makeshift frame over a hole in the ground. Doesn't take you long.

Should be plenty of snow to see what's going on. Might get the elk moving. Looks like it will warm back up about the time I ride out on the 15th.

But, I miss my bow hunting in Sept. When the bugling stopped you could find a sunny spot and take a nap. Doesn't look like there will be much of that.
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