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In response to requests for more information:

The Taurus TCP is a small 380 pocket pistol. It has a narrow barrel/slide and a short grip. There is no binding of parts when I retract the slide. . The spring just has a lot of tension. There are actually 2 springs. They are the same length, but one is narrower than the other, so the second spring fits inside the first.

I have fired maybe 500 to 750 rounds with this gun.
Typically, I hold the grip with my left hand. Using my thumb and forefinger, I retract the slide.

I have fairly strong hands, and can retract the slide, but it takes a lot of effort. It's just that in an emergency, I don't want the slide to be an issue. By the way, my 9mm Walther PPS slide seems easier to retract than the TCP.
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