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As for paying the sum of $1000. or so for this the present, there is Zero debate about the quality and reliability with these new fact, there is very high praise. Cannot say the same with Rem or Marlin or even Moss these days.
agreed. the thing that has me perplexed is that gun owners frequently complain about the price tag for the newer Win 94's but then complain about the inexpensive lever guns on the market being lemons. case in point, Marlins and Mossbergs are priced at 1/3 the cost but there seem to be frequent complaints about build quality and function. so basically gun owners want a less expensive lever gun and will complain when it doesn't meet their satisfaction, but they'll also complain about paying a higher price tag for a Winchester 94, that by all accounts, is a better quality firearm. gun owners can't have it both ways. you get what you pay for imo
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