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Have a look at -- you can get a lot of data on the vast majority of guns on the market.

I've fired both the regular M&P and the compact version, both in 9mm. The grip works for me, but (a) nearly every ejected casing came straight back and bounced off me, and I didn't find either very accurate. My wife was interested in the pistol, and I found other web posts noting the same eject issue.

I haven't fired the CZ P-07, but if you look at genitron, you'll see that it has much higher recoil (very much because of weight) than most 9mm. If recoil is a major issue for you, then have a look at other CZ models, P-01 for example. Alternately, you can look at the Baby Eagle II (IWI), which has almost the same design (EAA (Tangfolio), Tri-Star (Canik), and a few others also imitate the CZ).

On the CZ P-07's decocker/safety -- the gun is sold with an installed decocker, but you can fairly easily switch to a safety (included in the box). Youtube has a video on it.

All this is so variable based upon preferences, but I have a Stoeger (Beretta) Cougar 9mm that I am very happy with. It has a rotating barrel that is supposed to reduce felt recoil. The newest ones, even in 9mm, have rails, even though the Stoeger website doesn't show that.... I may however, still get myself a CZ one day (probably the SP-01).

Lastly, if you want a gun for personal defense, I understand a preference for a higher caliber, but if you want to do a lot of target shooting, the higher the caliber, the higher the cost of ammo (more or less). You can run through a few hundred rounds easily, and if you shoot a lot, 9mm is a good compromise between cost and stopping power.
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