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If you're anti .223 for ethical reasons then you most definitely should be anti-archery, shotgun and muzzle loader.
That's just not so..... the I think broadheads from a heavy enough draw weight bow are more than lethal enough. Shotguns 20 guage and larger w/slugs as well. Muzzleloaders in appropriate calibers too.

I am not anti- .223* ...... just anti- deer hunting w/ .223. I am not anti-rifle hunting any more than I am anti- any of those things ..... Take a child's bow w/ field points, a .410 or a .36 roundball squirrel rifle, and you have inappropriate equipment ..... I feel the same about deer hunting with .223 as I do about deer hunting with any of the above...... there are better tools for the job.

* I think it's a fine cartridge ..... for varmints, paper punching, budget stretching, wounding enemy soldiers ...... I have an AR, and am loading for it..... maybe I'll pick up some 60 gr Partitions and do a bit of experimentation.
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