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I would think ...Don't Shoot It!...But I guess I don't know enough about the pellets to make the call...Personally I would NOT shoot that much Pyro (in pellet form) in my Walker either. That being said, if you routinely shoot 2 pellets in your Walker...then the Dragoon should handle the load just as well as the Walker.

If you use REAL Black Powder, you can safely fill the cylinder to the top with powder, dump out enough powder to allow room for the ball, and compress it home....It would scare the hell out of me to do this with pellets or other substittutes...

I get higher pressure and velocity with loose Pyrodex "P" than I do using 4ffff BP. 777 is even more powerful than Pyro. My (limited) experience with the pellets led me to believe that they were hotter than the loose Pyrodex.

Most people freak and tell you 4ffff will blow up your gun,,,,But the fine grind of real BP is not as powerful as the subs.
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