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you have found yourself behind a military issued weapon

as a 25 year Navy Vet, i never found myself behind behind a military weapon, unless you might consider an F3H-3m Demon or F-4 Phantom a military weapon.

there has to be a story that goes with it…

personally, after 25 years i have scads of stories, one is when i was with VF-161, on the USS Oriskany CVA-34, we were tied up at the refueling dock in Sasebo Japan, we had a J-71 engine to be tested before installing in the aircraft, we had to have special permission from Fleet Commander to turn up the engine, when we got the "OK" we tied the engine on a test stand down on a special spot for engine testing, at the same time there were Japanese workers (maybe 50+) repairing the wood on the flight deck, when a new engine comes out of the "can" it has a lot of preservative oil in the system, i was the P.O. in charge, i started the engine windmilling and hit the igniter button, white smoke was coming from the exhaust, when the JP-5 fuel ignited, a huge ball of flame lit off the vaporized oil, producing an "explosion" those Japanese workers scattered everywhere some (2 or 3) even jumped overboard into the water, when the engine stabilized at idle, i done all the required tests, at 100% power, then come the afterburner test, there once more the afterburner system also was full of preservative oil, when that sucker lit off there was another huge ball of smoke from the vaporized oil and the resulting BOOOOOOOM ! again the Japanese workers took cover, none jumped overboard this time, the test required three afterburner tests, the most impressive is the one from idle speed straight to afterburner, if the engine "hiccups" in that test we had to make adjustments to the fuel/igniter systems. when done, our C.O. got a call from Fleet Comm. expressing their disbelief of the engine test and the resulting panic caused throughout the entire bay, we just had one hilarious laugh over it all.

below is a stock photo of a J-71 engine installation while i was stationed at VF-121, i am the mechanic under the "3599" number.

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